Jaguar talks to Kevin Saunderson and Idris Elba about their Inner City collaboration, the roots of techno and the future of dance music

There’s a film being made called ‘God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines: The Story of Detroit Techno’, that they’ve been working on for a few years, it explains a lot of history about the Detroit side. But we do need to educate, we need more Black agents, we need more Black artists into the scene as they don’t have a way in as much. I can help a few people...

Non-Fiction Studio XTR Films Announces Feature Slate, Grant Programs

Documentary features have increasingly been earning big praise and even bigger price tags out of the Sundance Film Festival, and nonfiction studio XTR Films is hoping to ride the fest’s doc boom. The Echo Park-based company, led by Bryn Mooser — the Oscar-nominated co-founder of documentary-focused media company RYOT — is heading to its first Sundance following its September launch and has announced its feature slate that will be debuting in Park City.....
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Techno documentary 'God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines' to screen at Freep Film Festival

Motown has become a household name and people are familiar with the phrase "Detroit Rock City." But what fewer people know is that black Detroit artists helped to birth a billion dollar dance music industry – and yet they see almost none of the income. ....

Sundance Wish List: 50 Films We Hope Will Premiere at the Festival in 2021

“God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines”, Director: Kristian R. Hill. Typically associated with EDM and predominately white acts like Underworld, Orbital, and The Prodigy before that, techno — like so many of the modern world’s musical traditions...


Recently the world of Electronic music got a bit unnerved when ABC News anointed David Guetta as the “Grand Father of Electronic Dance Music.” It wasn’t a reflection of the DJ’s skills or passion, but this grand statement took away the historic roots of electronic music and their pioneers, from post-disco NY, to the house scene in Chicago, and the origins of techno in Detroit. This tweet adds to the long list of moments in our culture where African American history has been whitewashed....


It can’t be said enough that electronic music owes just about everything to black and gay institutions, musicians and artists who built the foundations for the genre that has created so much for so many. Those early pioneers, originators and key figures helped pave the way through discrimination, lack of resources and often, economic hardship that later on white DJs would reap the rewards.....


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of seeing a rough-cut preview of the new documentary, “God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines,” a history of Detroit techno and the birth of the billion-dollar electronic dance music industry. While Chicago has always gotten credit for house music (the aural equivalent of house dressing at restaurants), and Detroit is known for its Motown and contributions to classic rock, few people know of the black DJs and artists....

The Ultimate Detroit Techno History Documentary is Coming to Chicago

DePaul University’s Visiting Artists Series will host a screening of a rough cut for the “Work-in-Progress” Detroit Techno documentary God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines....

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“Because EDM fans the world over seem not to understand the history of techno, (and because he's awesome), I'm supporting Detroit filmmaker Kristian Hill on his documentary film”


“Techno my friends is black music. Supoort this film that digs up the whitewashed roots of techno, it’s time.”


“The weekend starts now: ✅ Detroit Techno doc God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines debuts in #Chicago”


“ exploring the world of 1980s Detroit dance music and how the industry betrayed Techno's pioneers”


“What an honour to see the #Detroit #techno cover story and feature photographs I did in 1987 for #RecordMirror being shot in detail by @mosesmitchell for the #godsaidgiveemdrummachines #film #documentary on the lost stories of the Detroit Underground scene. Director/editor Kristian Hill & his Producer Jennifer Washington now based in LA have been in production on this project for 5 years now.”


“there is more power behind the title #godsaidgiveemdrummachines than meets the eye. Shout out to @mikehuckaby313 for having the dream that gave us the title of our film”

“Really looking forward to this”


“🎬 I gotta say, after watching the preview, I'm seriously looking forward to this getting a full public release, so stay tuned! 👊🏿 "God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines: The Story of Detroit Techno" @godsaidgiveemdrummachines Sharing some great insight into the early days of the industry we know today!”


“an eight-year “work in progress” documentary starring the pioneers of Detroit Techno, Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Eddie Fowlkes.”

“LIVE in the studio with Santonio Echols!! 🤗 Stay tuned for Kristian R. Hill, one of the producers of God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines… #TheUntoldStoryOfDetroitTechno”

“We are in the final stages of post production on the film God Said Give Em Drum Machine… a collaboration with the Music Origins Project.”


“#godsaidgiveemdrummachines Popup salute #filmmaker Kristin Hill @readycinematic #musicproducer @aguycalledgerald @_iamdjrue @shannondarryl #detroitmadetechno #spectacles #downtowndetroit”


“"God Said Give 'em Drum Machines" a film by @readycinematic #technotuesday #godsaidgiveemdrummachines”


“Getting fed in the Culture! #godsaidgiveemdrummachines”

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